Paolo Palmieri, Ph.D.


Most of my research work focuses on three main areas: cryptography, privacy and smart cities. These areas are closely related, and I enjoy writing papers that encompass two or all three of these subjects. For instance, in the past I have designed cryptographic protocols for privacy-enhancing technologies, and I have worked on the privacy implications of smart cards in public transport.

A research topic that mixes all these aspects is location privacy. Keeping our position private will become a more and more important problem in the future, as smartphones and other location-aware devices become of common use.


  • protocols and primitives for secure multi-party computation; [C1] [C2] [C3]
  • information theoretic security in real-world settings; [C4] [C6]
  • privacy-preserving protocols; [C5] [C8] [J4]
  • applications of (somewhat) homomorphic encryption; [C5] [C8] [J4]
  • cryptographic applications of Bloom filters. [C8] [J4]


Smart City:

  • location-aware mobile applications, distributed social sensing and their privacy implications. [J1] [J2] [J3] [C10]